Sunday, November 23, 2014

Weekend Racing Roundup - JFK, Philly

Quick updates for November 22-23

JFK 50 Miler:

Daniel Yi - 6:18, 7th overall. See here for race racap.
Matt Wieczorek - 8:10, 89th overall. A big 50 mile PR for Matt, who won a 50K earlier this year. Matt took more than 15 minutes off his previous JFK best. One tough dude.
Miguel Perez - 8:36, 135th overall. What a gamer. Runs two marathons (and two PRs) this season, then throws in a 50 miler. Unreal!

Philadelphia Marathon:

Jenny Paul - 3:08, 59th woman. Jenny runs a 4 minute PR, topping her performance from just a few weeks ago at Marine Corps. Jenny's been on a big roll all season, running impressive times in every race she's done. She's becoming a fixture among DC's fastest women!
Edward Dudlik - 3:28, 1460 overall. Edward makes his debut in a Dojo singlet, putting up his second fastest time ever. And if I do say so myself, looked quite sharp doing it.
Taylor Williamson - 2:56, 215 overall. Taylor manages a heck of a solid time after managing an Achilles problem for the season.

Megan, Shawn, and Alan all ran a 5k Saturday morning. I'm still hunting down the results, but can report that Megan and Shawn made it a Dojo sweep at the top, winning the women's and men's titles.

Big weekend all around!

UPDATE (11/26):
Thanks to Jenny, we found the 5k results. At the Cranberry Crawl 5k, Shawn takes the overall win in 16:34. Megan comes in 11th overall and first woman with an 18:58. Alan wins his age group with a 19:39, and friend of Dojo Cindy Conant wins her age group as well with a 19:48.

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