Saturday, November 15, 2014

Richmond Marathon Results

RYAN JOHNSON!!!! 2:35:58!!! 10th overall!!! When you see a guy who grinds away, putting in the miles, knocking out workouts with workman-like consistency, and then he runs a huge (12 minute?) PR, it restores a bit of my faith that the universe will sometimes reward hard work and dedication.

Miguel Perez is kind of a maniac. He PR'ed at Marine Corps, came out the very next week for speedwork, and then just ran ANOTHER personal best at Richmond. 2:57:25, 65th overall. Oh, by the way, he's running the JFK 50 Miler next Saturday for team DOJO Racing (after I implored him to join our squad). He's like the winner of the pie eating competition where the prize is way more pie.

Ty Gruszewski appears again, popping up at Richmond with an almost perfectly paced 3:18:27. Ty ran 296th overall, with metronomic efficiency. 

Our own Canadian "Beebs," Shannon Beebe, went into Richmond with the goal of running a Boston qualifying time (3:35). So...she ran way faster than that. Shannon checked in with a 3:14:33 today, coming in 33rd among women. Not bad for coming off an Ironman 1.5 months ago.

Finally, Dojo buddy Cindy Conant did her usual thing, with a 1:26:36 half marathon. Cindy came in 22nd overall among women and won her age group by a whopping 10 minutes.

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