Saturday, August 27, 2011

Breakfast of Pain - Saturday Long Run Recap

Dateline: Saturday, August 27, 2011. Silver Spring, MD.

As Hurricane Irene descended on the DC area, members of the Dojo converged on Alan's house. Beating the impending deluge, the team rolled through 18 miles down Beach Drive and through Rock Creek Park. The consensus, these miles were as hot and sticky as a tray of fresh-baked vegan cinnamon buns.

Afterwards, everyone was treated to "Breakfast By Brian." Savitch brought a waffle maker, vegan waffle batter, vegan margarine, and a whole bunch of buns. Janet chipped in some blueberries, and Reh-waldo had strawberries in tow. I provided a vat of Muscle Milk, which absolutely no one was willing to even open.

Turning Alan's kitchen into a beehive of activity, Brian prepared his all-vegan waffles:

Let's see how the waffles were.

Did PJ like them?

PJ says yes! Did Robert like them?

Not entirely clear, but given the satisfied expression and the empty plate, I'd say Yes! Did Alan and Brian like them?

Again, I am taking interpretive liberties, but I'd say Yes! (Or alternatively: "Daniel, instead of taking photos of us eating, maybe you could have helped make something, buddy?")

Big thanks to Alan for hosting the team today.

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