Saturday, March 10, 2018

Huge Performances this Morning at DC Rock n Roll

Wow, some blazing performances this morning at the DC Rock n Roll Half Marathon. I can't see placing a yet, but here are the times.

• Jeff Redfern - 1:12:49 (new 2nd fastest Dojo half all time, PR?)
• Chris Higby - 1:14:01 (5th fastest Dojo half all time, PR?)
• Jenny Paul - 1:19:31 (NEW Dojo record, slicing 4 minutes off the previous fastest)
• Paul Karlsen - 1:19:35 (not bad for a tempo run)
• Amanda Hicks - 1:30:05 (debut race in a Dojo singlet!)
• Emilie Yeh - 1:33:40 (PR?)

As always, omissions are due to incompetence and not malice. Let me know if I missed anyone.

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