Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Weekend Roundup

Lots of big results to share:

  • First off, congrats to the tireless one, Robin Watkins, who came in 3rd at the Cascade Crest 100M in Easton, Washington on August 27.  That was an epic performance where Robin went toe-to-toe with some outstanding runners and came out on the podium! Robin finished in 23:47, which is pretty darn fast.
  • Another congrats to Jenny Paul for a new addition in the club records. Jenny ran the Kentlands 5k in 18:41, coming in second place.
  • At the same race, Chris Pruitt continued to depress me, running 16:15 (i.e., much faster than I have ever hoped to run a 5k) in his continued comeback. That was fast enough for fourth place. 
  • Jeff Redfern (pictured above) gets the overall win at the Larry Noel Half Marathon. Jeff runs 1:16:05 off what I imagine is another massive week of training. Fair warning to anyone who catches him when he actually tapers...

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