Monday, March 16, 2015

Various Results

Great job by everyone. Particularly the brave, dashing, and daring that took on the TJ Pi Miler this weekend. It takes a particular kind of nobility to lose gracefully to a ruddy-faced high school lad. Also, big congrats to Shawn Rumery, who won my hometown race last weekend after jogging nine miles to get to the start line. Very promising results at the DC Rock N Roll Half Marathon as well.

DC Rock N Roll Half Marathon:
Jen Maranzano: 1:24:43 (1st master, 2nd fastest Dojo half)
Rachel Clattenburg: 1:27:37
Judy Chen: 1:28:55
Laura Jennings: 1:32:13
Matthew Wiezcorek: 1:20:06
Drew Killian: 1:20:18
Jim Moore: 1:20:22

DC Rock N Roll Marathon:
Miguel Perez: 2:48:34 (9th place overall)
Rob Wolfe: 3:01 (39th, 5th age)
Brian Savitch: 3:11:57

Four Courts Four Miler:
Jeff Redfern: 22:10 (4th overall, first in age group, losing only to three relative whippersnappers)

TJ Pi Miler:
Daniel Yi: 17:40 (2nd overall, 1st [relatively] old person)

Fort Hunt 10K (Last Week):
Shawn Rumery: 35:45 (1st place overall)

Bright Beginnings 5k (Last Week):
Megan Haberle: 18:27 (3rd woman in a very tight race, new club record)
Cindy Conant: 19:40 (1st Master)
Alan Pemberton: 19:31 (2nd Master, 1st Age Group)

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