Saturday, April 12, 2014

Dojo Fashion Show

Welcome to the Dojo Fashion Show!  Having gone through a five month stretch of injury followed by compensation injury followed by another compensation injury, I've had a chance to indulge a small hobby of mine, shirt design and screen printing. To that end, I've come up with a few new designs for Dojo wear, just in time for the summer season.  I also worked with a patch maker in Pennsylvania who produced a run of Dojo shield embroidered patches (incorporated on some of the shirts/hoodies below).  Take a look at the proposed new designs below and let me know what you think (in terms of shirt color, design color, design style, etc.). The most popular designs will be available to those interested.

See all the designs (and a model wearing Zubaz!) after the break:

Shirt Design 1:

This retro design was inspired by the elan and ferocity of 1960's professional cyclists. The colors are bold and the font looks super clean. Shown here with and without the embroidered Dojo shield patch perched on the upper left shoulder.

Shirt Design 2:

This design is an homage to baseball teams of yesteryear. "Distance Running" is written in small script below the large "DOJO."


Design 3:

This is the modern take on the Dojo shirt. As with Design 2, an embroidered Dojo shield patch is on the upper left corner, balancing out the uncentered lettering.

Design 4:

An old classic, with curved DOJO text at the top, with a 70's style scripted "Racing" across the bottom. Gender-specific designs for proper proportion. Embroidered Dojo shield patches are in the center of the shirt.


(Note: Zubaz not included, sorry!) For when the early mornings and nights are a little cooler, here is a light, low-cost cotton hoodie that has a great fit for the runner's physique. They also look great with the embroidered Dojo patch on the front chest:

A little bit cold?
Two possible design options for the back of the hoodie:

Hoodie w/Design 3:

Hoodie w/Design 1:

Anyway, let me know what you think of the various designs, color schemes, etc.


  1. Shirt Design #1 with the patch is my unisex favorite. I think Shirt Design #3 w/patch would be an excellent shirt for fast ladies - maybe do a gender-specific tee? Love the women's Shirt Design #4 as well. --Christine H

  2. Embroidered patches and labels are commonly used in uniforms like in school uniforms. I also know a label company that provides custom labels . . .